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Meet Kim Willis
If This Broken Down Failed Entrepreneur Can Make Money, What Can You Do?

In 1999 my wife and I started an education business after seeing Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) speak at a seminar.  I was inspired!  I immediately bought his board game, CASHFLOW.  Once I played it a few times, I invited some friends over to do likewise.  We had fun.

From there things snowballed until we were running big Cash Flow nights in hotel function rooms!  To keep pace we purchased 10 games  - at almost $300  a pop.  But it was fun and that's all I wanted - to have some fun.  From there we decided that we should turn our fun game nights into a business.  And that's how the business was born.

We developed courses, then promoted them to the public.  Soon we saw the need
to acquire our own seminar facilities, which we did in 2000. 

Not Everything Goes to Plan

In 2005 I got the idea to start a home loan brokerage.  I thought it would be a natural extension to our activities in real estate.  I was wrong.  After spending a fortune, and losing more than a million dollars, we stopped the business, and closed the office in 2008.  In hindsight, my wife and I were probably the wrong people to be involved in this type of business.  In other words we were not a 'good fit'.  This was not helped by the life threatening illness my wife contracted during this period.  Something had to give.

My Start As An Internet Marketer

Because of the lack of income being produced by our traditional businesses, in 2006 I was looking for another source of income.  I was fascinated by the Internet, even though I did not have a clue as to how it worked, or how to make money from it.  But I knew some people were making money, and I liked the idea of working from home - or anywhere for that matter.

Finding the right business model to align myself with, was a challenge.  But within a couple of months, I had found a great upmarket educational product, focused on wealth and self development. I also liked the high profit margin, as well as the marketing system the supplier company had developed.

Less than a month after starting in September 2006, I made my first dollars.  And I have been making them ever since.  I'm not going to brag about all the money I've made from Internet marketing.  But let's say I have been making great money almost from the time I started. 

How Can I Help You?

If we do business together I will mentor you into this great industry.  I will teach you the same techniques I have used to make six figures consistently from early on.  If you think you fit the profile (see the Home Page), then fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and then give me call.   
Teaching Bob Proctor's Principals

Heard of The Secret?  One of the big contributors is Bob Proctor.  Years ago I was asked by Bob Proctor's organisation in Australia, to run a Born Rich weekend in Brisbane.

I was delighted to be asked and ran my first Born Rich weekend seminar not long after.  So successful was the weekend that we ran several more after that.  What an experience.  What an honour.
         Internet Marketing Seminar Proves a Hit

May 16 2009 saw me on the Gold Coast as Guest Speaker for a fab Internet Marketing Seminar. 
The seminar eatured three speakers - Steve Spangenberg, Colin Johnson - and me.  I'm the one on the right!
Just some of the enthusiastic people who attended.

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               I Get Endorsements!

“As a School Assistant Principal and participant in many professionally run courses over the years, I have been exposed to a plethora of trainers and mentors. As a trainer, Kim Willis lands firmly in the 'excellent' category. His knowledge of his subject area is first class and is always accompanied with the tools and common sense applications that one can easily put into
practice. His easy to understand approach and infectious enthusiasm set him apart from the rest.”  Colin J. Newcastle, Australia

“I first met Kim in September 2006, where I assisted Kim in getting started in this brilliant home based business. Although I was his starting mentor in this business, I knew I could learn a lot from Kim also. Kim Willis is a highly effective  trainer/mentor often volunteering his time to assist others in building their own successful business.  In short, Kim also  helped me become
a more effective leader.  

I really appreciate his "common sense" approach that we can sometimes lose, as we get busy in our worlds.  Thanks for your honesty, your energy, and helping us grow as educational leaders!”  Tania S, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
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